Surfboards by Dusty Rhodes

We are extremely excited to announce that Surfboards by Dusty Rhodes  are back. We launched the new Dusty Rhodes project at the Beach House vintage board swap  on, Sunday the 28th, 2021. This project had been in the works for almost a year and it's been agonizing keeping my involvement a secret.  Tony Iannarone of Clean Ocean Surfboards is one of the shapers that has been asked to help resurrect this iconic brand.
Surfboards by Dusty Rhodes  was around from the mid 60's to the early 70's. The label was not  huge, but it was extremely forward thinking. One of the iconic transition era brands that truly embraced the  outside of the box thinking of the times, in
  both their designs and aesthetics. After we resurrect some of the old models, we will be putting out some new ones, continuing in  the traditions of  experimentation and free thinking

Some of our featured Models are the Code 20, The Outperformer, The Springer, the Sunshine Superman and the Soul Invention.  Be sure to check out @surfboards_by_dusty_rhodes on Instagram to see what's been going on.