10'0 Clean Ocean Surfboards Chingona Noserider Triple Stringer White

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10'0" Clean Ocean Surfboards Chingona Noserider. Super clean 3 stick with wooden tailblock.


Nose 18 ½”

Width 23”Tail 16 ½”

Thickness 3”

Shaper Comments:

The Chingona with its square tail, was designed to bridge the gap between the Traditionalist and the Mega Plug. It also has a straighter more parallel outline than the Traditionalist. These changes in shape make the Chingona a more stable board especially when nose riding. The bottom and rocker are the same as the Traditionalist which also makes this board a great performer. Since its release in 2007, the Chingona has become our best selling model of all our traditional style longboards.

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